Returning Summer Ministry Team APplication

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in returning to be a part of the Summer Ministry Team at Camp Rock Ministries! Please complete the application to the best of your knowledge and ability. If the field is required there will be an asterisk next to the field name to indicate it is required. If the field is required but you don't have an answer for that field, please put N/A for not applicable.

For your privacy and protection we will not ask for your social security or drivers license number on this form. Please use your discretion in giving out this information.

Please note: The filling out of this form does not guarantee you will receive a position at Camp Rock Ministries this summer, even with prior experience. The Program Director will review your experience and qualifications and will contact you. 

General Information

Personal Perspective


Covenant of Christian Camping

The mission of Camp Rock Ministries is to offer persons of every age with year round opportunities to know Jesus Christ as Savior and respond to Him as Lord, through: nurture in the Christian faith and life based on Holy Scripture, under the guidance of Christian men and women, and dependent upon the Holy Spirit
In the interests of this purpose and towards the goal of maximizing our service to the campers entrusted to our care and to the community surrounding Camp Rock Ministries, the following boundaries are established for all staff and volunteers.
1.Prohibited Activities while employed or volunteering at Camp Rock are: a) possession or use of alcoholic beverages, nonprescription drugs, and/or pornography; b) immoral sexual acts, such as premarital or extramarital; c) use of tobacco products; d) possession or use of fireworks, firearms or other potentially dangerous items (not in compliance with the camp program); e) language or behaviors perceived to be physically abusive or threatening. Non-compliance with this policy will result in immediate disciplinary action and probable dismissal of staff involved and, if warranted, notification of appropriate authorities.
2.Language is to reflect Christian respect and self-discipline. Profanity and crude language, gossip, threats, harassment, and character defamation do not honor Christ.
3.Modesty in dress and appearance is to be observed.
4.Full Participation in the weekly program is necessary. Temporary leave from staff duties is not encouraged and only permitted in special cases and with prior approval of the Executive Director. No visitors are to be on Camp’s grounds during the weekly program without permission. Personal visits at Camp during time off are to be arranged with the appropriate supervisor.
5.Care-taking of the Creation requires that staff actively set an example of keeping the ground free from litter and reflect a respect for the outdoor environment.
6.Proper Stewardship of Camp Buildings and Equipment is expected of all staff. Vandalism, misuse and abuse of Camp property, and neglect of safety procedures is not tolerated.
7.Physical and Emotional Safety of Campers is paramount. Staff must follow all Camp rules, assure constant supervision of the campers entrusted to their care, and reflect Christ in their words and actions.

Application submission

I declare all statements to be true and I authorize the investigation of all such statements herein and release Camp Rock and all others from liability with connection with the same. I also understand that untrue, or omitted information herein or in other documents completed by the applicant may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp.
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