Time alone with God

If you want to grow in your walk with God, there is nothing GREATER than TAWG.

Time Alone With God is essential to seeing spiritual growth. This devotional is to serve as a tool to help you get into a regular habit of being in God's Word.


1– Don’t sit in a place where you will be distracted!
This may be the most important!  At camp, sitting near people can distract you because they will want to talk you.  At home, sitting by the tv may tempt you to watch it instead and even laying on your bed you could fall asleep.  Avoid the things that can completely  distract you from actually reading, learning, and growing in God’s Word.  

2– Pray before and after you read God’s Word
This is quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of words.  Pray that God teaches you through His Word that day before you begin reading.  Afterwards, pray that you will be mindful to live it out!

3– Make notes and highlight what you are reading
Not sure what kind of notes to make?  Write down something from that chapter that reveals God’s character to you.  Highlighting in multiple colors can reveal what certain passages mean to you in different areas of your life.  Convicted by a passage that you need to act upon it and go?  Highlight it in green.

Observe: What does it say?
Interpret:  What does it mean?
Apply:  What does it mean to me?

Context is key!


The point of having TAWG is to help you realize the importance of spending time away from the phone, video games, and other distractions in order to get to know God better.  Spending time in God’s Word is the main way we can have a closer knowledge of who He is.

At Camp Rock Ministries, we deeply desire for you to authentically know God.  We desire this for you because we love you.  How can we say this when maybe we don’t know you very well, we don’t know your past, or we don’t know your struggles?  We can confidently say that we love you because God loves you.

God wants a real relationship with you.  He doesn't want you to simply say that you believe in Him.  A genuine relationship with God means that you intentionally follow Him and trust Him fully.  It means that when you ask for forgiveness, you understand that He truly gives it.  Your past doesn't define you anymore.  How do we know that?  He says it in His Word.  

God made a way for us to be with Him forever in heaven by sending His son Jesus to this earth to live a perfect and sinless life and then to be that perfect sacrifice for us.  When we truly believe that, our lives are different.  Our lives are changed.  The stuff that weighs you down and burdens you, you no longer have to carry.  You are made new.  Your choices begin to reflect that.

You can experience real joy in this life when you know the love of the Father.  It doesn't mean its going to be easy… but it means you have a different hope than what you’ve had before.  REAL hope!  A hope that lasts.  A hope that won’t fail you or let you down.
We love you enough to tell you this.  And we want you to love others in the same way.
Camp Rock Ministries is here for you!  We want to encourage you to continue to grow in your faith, to grow in your knowledge of God and His word, and to live your life fully committed to the one true God.  Continue having TAWG with us each and every day through the Camp Rock Ministries App.  

We promise you, it is worth it!


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