Podcast Resources Page

This page is meant to help you find the resources we talk about in the podcast or to use it as a quick reference guide to the Scriptures discussed.

Podcast #3 - January 2024

How do I know where I'm called?

Should you get married in public in front of others to publicly announce your love?

How can you help somebody to trust and understand God?

How can we help people find God after they have stepped away?

Podcast #2 - December 2023

How can you take a verse that some people take out of context and turn it around and teach them in the right context?

How can you get out of bad friendships without being or sounding prideful or rude?

How do you know if something is bad if your conscience isn't telling you?

How do religion and science go together?

Podcast #1 - November 2023

How can you know where to start a good Bible study?

How can you get someone to come to church or youth group without them thinking you are being pushy or annoying?

Why do we find it fun or a good thing to sin sometimes?

Why did God make people before the flood, if He knew He was going to have the flood?

What do you believe is the biggest challenge that Gen Z will face spiritually?