Justin Santos Memorial Scholarship fund

I thank my God in all my rememberance of you...

Philippians 1:3

Justin Santos wasn't just good at camp; Justin was GREAT at camp.

He brought an incredible energy and was a natural leader.  Campers and staff loved Justin.  His time and focus was spent on building meaningful relationships, and he genuinely cared for the people around him.

Most importantly, Justin wanted campers to know Jesus in a real and deep way.

In January of 2021, Justin passed away in a car accident on his way out to Camp Rock, one of his most treasured places.  Justin's love for Jesus Christ and his passion for camp has left a long-lasting impact and will continue through the generosity of others via the Justin Santos Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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According to an American Camp Association report in 2012, it costs $690 to attend a typical week of camp in the U.S.  Many camps similar to Camp Rock charge $400 per week.  Our goal is to keep our prices where our summer costs are covered, while being affordable.  

We understand that financial stresses present challenges, and we have a scholarship program in place for that reason!  We don’t want a family's lack of available finances to ever be a reason a child doesn't come to camp.  If this is the case, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or request a form to be sent to you.
Scholarships are available through generous donations which have been designated to assist individual campers who have a need.  You may request assistance for yourself or on behalf of another camper.