Upcoming Events

CRM Skate Night

Come have a fun-filled evening skating, bouncing, or just hanging out!  On Thursday, June 2, from 6pm to 8pm,  Zwetzig Skate & Bounce is showing their support for CRM by hosting a Skate Night where you can get in for only $2 by bringing in an item from our S'More & More Drive.  Our Summer Ministry Team and our SALT Team will be there to meet you and have fun with you throughout the evening.  Don't miss this fun event and an opportunity to bless our ministry through supplies.

Benefit for the Justin Santos Memorial Scholarship Fund

Each summer, CRM gives over $10,000 in scholarships to families in need.  This benefit helps replenish that fund and allows us to continue to offer an amazing summer experience and to share the love of Jesus with kids who wouldn't be able to come if not for the help of this fund.

Justin Santos wasn't just good at camp; Justin was GREAT at camp.
He brought an incredible energy and was a natural leader.  Campers and staff loved Justin.  His time and focus was spent on building meaningful relationships, and he genuinely cared for the people around him.

Most importantly, Justin wanted campers to know Jesus in a real and deep way.

In January of 2021, Justin passed away in a car accident on his way out to Camp Rock, one of his most treasured places.  Justin's love for Jesus Christ and his passion for camp has left a long-lasting impact and will continue through the generosity of others via the Justin Santos Memorial Scholarship Fund.